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Lower Body Lift

Highly cosmetic surgery consisting in a circumferential removal of excess skin and fat from tummy, hips and buttocks with hip and buttock lift, flattening of the tummy, reshaping of the waist line and reconstruction of the belly button - so your tummy can look young again. Even if you have not lost enough weight a lower body lift can be a game changer

Disclaimer: the next page has explicit pictures of the surgery that may offend; to avoid offending the viewer some details have been removed from the pictures; if you are interested in having this surgery discuss the details with Dr Oliver Florica

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Thigh Lift

Removal of excess ft and skin from inner side of the upper leg and lift of the sagging skin in this area

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Arm Lift

Removal of the excess skin and fat from the inner part of the rm and lift of the sagging skin - highly cosmetic scar with little visibility

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Male breast surgery

Removal of excess fat and skin from sagging breast with highly cosmetic outcome and minimal scarring

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Corrective Surgery for your tummy tuck

You have already had plastic surgery but time and gravity have reshaped your body again and you are not happy any longer - there may be a second chance

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