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Self funded patient - Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass from $13,900 out of pocket, all included.

Privately insured patients - Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass from $3900 out of pocket, all included.

Conversion from band to sleeve or gastric bypass - no gap for our existing and adequately insured patients; additional fees for patients who had the band elsewhere but would like to have the conversion with us. In selected patients the conversion can be performed during one operation.

For patients with limited financial possibilities we would be happy to perform the surgery at no gap rates if privately insured.

What is included

  • pre- operative consultation with Dr Florica and Dr Keeley including medical assessment, dietary and psychological counselling, investigations (eg endoscopy, colonoscopy), some other specialist assessment

  • all fees for hospital, anaesthetist and surgical assistant

  • indefinite follow up in our practice currently at bulkbill rates for ongoing counselling, psychological support, nutrition management and weight loss monitoring

  • conversion to other form of surgery when required for no additional fees if adequately insured

    • access to discounted cost or no gap surgery for other surgical procedures performed by Dr Florica

      • body re-shaping after major weight loss such as highly cosmetic circumferential body lift, arm and thigh reduction, male breast surgery

      • gallbladder, hernia

      • keyhole bowel surgery, endoscopy and colonoscopy


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