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Hernia Keyhole Surgery

  • performed laparoscopically or robotically

Inguinal Hernias (groin)

I prefer to perform TEPs (total extraperitoneal repairs) - I believe this is a less invasive procedure that avoids trauma to the peritoneal cavity and subsequent adhesions and bowel complications.

Ventral Hernias

The pictures below are an example of a keyhole repair of a very large hernia following a large incision for abdominal surgery prior to this complication. The surgery to repair the hernia was performed 10 years ago and the repairs remains intact. The large scar in the middle is from the original surgery. The hernia was repaired through very small keyhole surgery cuts barely visible on the sides of the patient’s abdomen.



3 Port Robotic Cholecystectomy in 24 minutes – when cosmesis matters one port less than laparoscopy.